​Rangitoto Tokyo: The best place in Tokyo for English speakers interested in sake

​Want to learn about Japanese national beverage from

someone with hands on experience?

If you like alcohol, you like sake.  Everybody likes sake, but not everybody's knows this.  If you aren't convinced, then you have probably had a bad experience with bad sake in the past.  This unfortunately would put you in the majority.  The good news is that we don't sell that kind of sake. That kind of sake is being replaced by product made by people who actually care about what they do, and how your head feels in the morning.

What we have here at Rangitoto Tokyo is hand-crafted by artists, whose families in some cases have literally centuries of experience behind them.  Real sake is about as clean as alcohol can get, can be both complex and elegant, and is without a doubt the best match with Japanese food.  


Some would say with food in general.

More good news. Because we have more than 15 on by the glass at any one time you don't need to trust us, you can trust your mouth.  Wayne has spent time in 3 breweries, and visited many more.  He can run you through the basics, and get into some history over a glass or two if you're interested.

Check out this video we made with Craft Instinct Japan and the Japanese Sake and Shochu Makers Association below.

5 minutes walk from Ochanomizu Station

東京都文京区湯島3丁目1−12 ヒルサイド御茶ノ水B1

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